Is the photo image, not just as horriffic as the recent Barcelona terror attack ?

There have been several media images, & T V reports on the terror attacks in Spain. Have you ever seen the same coverage of the  killings carried out by the US led coalition. A recent air strike, is believed to have killed, at least 270 civilians in Mosul.

Are Iraq lives any less important than Europian lives, ?

la-fg-airstrikes-in-east-mosul-photos-002It would appear to be the case. Surely the terror attacks in Europe should be termed,  Reprisal Attacks. The West carries out continuous air strikes, drone strikes, with devastating civilian deaths, but recieves no media outcry

BARCELONA KILLINGS An atrocious attack on civilians in Barcelona, is shown daily on television. Pundits muse their theories regarding the attacks,  without ever mentioning what provoked the killers to mow down innocent civilian pedestrians.

There is continuing talk of radicalisation. If  Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria, had carried out an armed invasion of Britain, with the resultant destruction of cities, deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, then any British sympathisers living in those countries, and carrying out reprisal killings of innocent civilians, would be heralded as heroes, revenging the death & destruction in our country

What was the reasoning behind Britain’s , or the US invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. If you believe the hype, it was to protect the populations from the killing, & repressions, carried out by the rulers of these countries. Not only have we destroyed the infrastructure, killed tens of thousands  of innocent inhabitants, made millions homeless, but then complain, when these people , flee their now free counties, turning them into refugees, & subsequently seeking a new life in the  West.