Listening to Politicians  talking in Parliament, about not bringing sufficient numbers of refugee children to this country, but they all ignore the real villians.

Not one word of condemnation for those who caused this refugee problem. The armourments industry, the greedy, oil chasing companies, the financial bankers, I.M.F. the puppet politicians who do the bidding  of these controlling, profit chasing, true policy making rulers of our lives.

The invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, were not neccessary, they posed no military threat to us, but they did have one valuable commodity, Oil.

Much was said about the atrocities of the rulers of these countries, but have you heard the same condemnation of Saudi Arabia, whose regime is no diffferent, double standards because the Saudis are our “friends” They carry out stoning, decapitations, chopping off of limbs, subjugation of women, imprisonment for criticism of the ruling classes and their policies, but not one word against these atrocities

We are continually sending millions of our taxes in aid to repair the problems that were caused. If politicians were to dictate that the evil, true causers of these tradgedies were made to foot the cost of this aid from their profits, our tax money could be better  spent here on the needs of the people who raised the taxes in the first place.

A few voices in Parliament do speak out against the atrocities , Jeremy Corbyn for one, shame the majority of his colleagues don’t follow his example, and how he is villified by the establishment media.

Oh well, if all else fails, we can always blame “Brexit”, it’s  a handy scapegoat for anything negative.