Vilified by his own Establishment and all Western Media, what are they scared of ? . Is it because of his strong will and financial independence, or his, Boris Johnson, type,blundering blithering, cock up cockamamie ideas ?

Compared to his predecessors, so far, his biggest crime, is speaking, without thinking, many disagree with his comments, also feel offended, while not agreeing with many of his ideas, I preferred his approach to that of Hilary Clinton, the Establishment’s, status quo choice.

Looking at those who went before,

Obama, ” I will close Guantanamo Bay by the end of the year” that was 8 years ago, it’s still open, several attempts to tighten gun laws,after 200 school shootings,2013-2016, failed. Police shooting unarmed, hands raised, black people. Promises to failing, deprived areas of America, poverty, mass home evictions continuing to increase.Racial tensions continuing to increase’ The greed of Wall Street’s money grabbers, still as greedy as ever, nothing done.

Syria, firstly, covert C.I.A. intervention, training, financing,and arming [ anti government rebels] terrorists by another name, later to morph into ISIS.  A proxy war between Russia’s Putin, friend of President Sadat, causing mass killings and destruction of the country infrastructure and cities, tens of thousands made homeless.

All in all Obama failed to show strenghth or leadership of any kind, just a puppet controlled by those really in charge

George W. Bush, suspicions over did he actually beat Gore,to win the Presidential election, or was it media manipulated ?

During his term, gives podium speeches, forgetting which city or State he’s  in , some slate him for alcohol abuse, continuing throughout his life

Invades Afghanistan, Iraq, killing untold, tens of thousands of civilians,

Presides over America’s longest economic recession since WW2

In 1976, arrested for Driving Under the Influence, pleaded guilty, license suspended

Miltary career, in the late 60’s, granted pilots license, despite low pilot’s apptitude tests and poor attendence, claims that he was shown favouritism because of his fathers influence.In 1972 , suspended from flying, then honourably discharged !!!

2001, Bush opposes the Kyoto Protocol, expressing doubts about Global Waring and it’s causes

Bill Clinton  ” I did not have sex with that woman ”  BJ’s obviously don’t count !!  Husband of Hillary Clinton

In 1998 impeached over the Monica Lewinsky affair. On the plus side he was strong on advocating Gay Rights, employing openly gay members to his staff

There were accusations of financial mis-dealings, involving his wifes company

Part of the smear campaign against Trump, has been his personal wealth and tax juggling, although he has pledged to forgo his Presidential salary . .All 3 previous Presidents are multi millionairs, as were many previous Presidents, can’t remember them being attacked for their wealth.

Lyndon B Johnson

Accused in his 1948 Senate bid, of election rigging, he also supported anti union curbs. When Senate leader, he would bully cajole, intimidate fellow senaters who disagreed with his views, dissenters were sent on NATO trips, causing them to be absent when voting took place, and therefor unable to oppose him.

His vice presidential nomination, there are doubts and accusations regarding his nomination and ultimate election

Richard Nixon

Resigned as President in 1974, in order to avoid impeachment and removal from office because of what became known as Watergate, with all the following cover ups and lies.

His vice president ‘s resignation and subsequent conviction for money launderinng,bribery and tax evasion. Nixon himself paying almost 1/2 million dollars in back taxes after allegations were made as to his earnings disclosures

All of these aforementioned Presidents, made several positive decisions and contributions, they could not be said to be “all bad” Trump is no different apart from the continuing, constant media attacks