What a load of bollocks.

Britain has won so many “Golds”in the Olympics ,because of money spent. Latest BBC news reports.

Truth is , it’s because Russia has been banned

We would’nt have won Gymnastics, Poll vault,Rings,or the floor, if the Russians were competing.The proxy war between Russia & America continues.Syria is the latest example.

Back in the late 80’s , the Taliban were written in British media & TV, as heroes, with the “nasty Russian jets, bombing these heroes”

When it’s  American & British jets, doing the bombimg, 10 years later, the Taliban are “Terrorists”

Anyone who remembers 10 years ago, can recognise this crap as the brain-washing ,typical Media Bullshit it truly is.

Oh, it’s because of drugs.British cycling recently,drugs disqualification. American track field racers, later disqualified because of drug enhancing use a few years ago.Fuck off media bullshit.