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There have been many assumptions & assersions from both sides concerning leaving or remaining.

Labours claims, Workers Rights will be protected if we remain, the National Health Service will be protected if we remain.The E.U. gave equality to Women in the work place.All incorrect.

Images of Belgium & French striker demonstations

Fact: In both Belgium & France, workers rights are under attack from their respective Governments. Belgium is introducing austerity measures bringing cuts to wages, the legal system. There are strikes & workers demonstations in protest at these cuts, even Judges are contemplating striking at proposed legal cuts, no mention of this on British media .

France has introduced measures to make it easier for employers to sack workers, make them work longer hours than those already agreed, or cut workers hours should there be a temporary drop in orders. If a worker is unfairly dismissed at present, the employer is heavily fined. Under new proposals , any fines would be derisory. 1.3 Million took part in demonstrations last week , there were violent clashes with Security Police , stretching Police resourses who were alreadt stretched with both the Footbal & possible Terrorist attacks. Again no mention on British Media        All this makes Labour’s claims,  workers rights will be protected by remaining , as a complete falsehood.

We have been a member of the Common Market since 1974. From the 1980’s , the Health Service, has been under attack with cuts, privatisation, being a Member of the E.U.  has not prevented this, so the claim we will be protecting our N.H.S. is false

Since the end of the 70’s & through the 80’s to present time , we have seen Utilities sold off, [privatised] Gas, Electricity, Railways, Post Office, with cuts to wages & working conditions, Our  E.U. membership has’nt prevented this. The only people to benefit, were friends of the Tories.

Immigration, is being used as a smoke screen. Certainly with the initial influx of Eastern European workers, particularly in the Building Trade some years ago, there was a detrimental effect to British skilled workers wages, this was caused by a greater number in the work pool , meaning employers held the whip hand, & could lowere wages accordingly. Five years ago I worked night shift for a National Bus company. The work force consisted of Argentinean, Latvian, Portugese Polish, Hungarian, co-workers, the most pleasant bunch of colleagues you could wish for. The one thing that came out in conversation, was the wages they received in Britain were so far in excess of what they were receiving in their home country,in one case , 5 times more,. Initially, they felt like millionaires,  when they received their first weeks wages , a quote from one of my co-workers

In Britain, under the Tories, we have had to suffer severe austerity cuts for the last five years or more, cuts, zero wage increase, wage cuts to public sector workers. Cuts to the Fire Service, Border Control, Immigration Service, Council services, Refuse Collectors ,cuts to Nurses & other Hospital Workers.According to the Guardian 25th April 2016 West Midlands Fire Service, faces 46% cut to it’s budget. Being in the E.U.  has’nt prevented this.



The E.U. did not give British women equal rights in the work place. This right was won by the Unions, & the Labour Government in the early 70’s. It was won by the sacrifice of British workers , industrial action,& workers presenting their case to Acas. Remember the women in the Ford Motor Company, who after a prolonged strike, finally won their case for equal pay, Nothing to do with our membership of the E.U.