Roll on the snow. Since the killings in Paris, every news bulletin, discussion program, is focussing solely on the Paris attrocities.
It is no longer simply to report the incident, but, because of it’s constant repeating, must be for propaganda reasons, to incite knee jerk reaction, to get public support for escallating, the continuing bombing of the Middle East.

While sympathy and condolences for those killed and injured is natural, the reaction on facebook, where everyone seemed to change their profile page, to include the French Tricolor,there was a conspicuous absense of the Lebanese flag, showing the same sympathy, for the 240 injured and 40 people killed in the terrorist bombing in Beirut the day before.
Why ? , because it would’nt have the desired effect on British public opinion
Articles are beginning to appear on public media sites expressing news bias, I refer to the article by Belen Fernandez [www.telesurtv.net]
Another interesting article, Truth in Media: The Origin of ISIS [The Revolution video]explains how America helped train and arm some members of ISIS. Again, never reported in any regular media newscasts.

The conflict in Syria, America has a problem with President Assad, solution, train, arm, finance an army to overthrow him. Reports in the British media, referred to these armed insurgents as “anti government rebels” such a pleasant term. Weapon carrying groups who try to overthrow the recognised government are Terrorists, not “rebels” Another example of media propaganda.

For me, the most upsetting and graphic incident , never reported by British tv or press, was the killing of unarmed civilians including two camera carying Reuters reporters, followed by the shooting of two children in a van, driven by their father, who had arrived to pick up the dead and wounded. [JOHNPILGER.COM..The War You Don’t See] This happened in Baghdad in 2007. The final part of this video, shows an American serviceman who arrived on the scene with his patrol, and tries to get the children evacuated to an American hospital, but his request is denied